Collection: Document Camera/Web Cam

The Flexicam is a cost-effective yet powerful Document Camera and Webcam all in one.

Whether you’re a teacher or video content creator…or a remote worker, this new document camera & webcam is a great addition to your workspace.

Who Uses Flexicam?




Content Creators


Remote Workers

Collaborate, share your work, or showcase your creativity.



In addition to capturing video, the Flexicam document camera and webcam is also great for scanning documents and creating digital copies. The camera’s autofocus and automatic exposure features ensure that your scanned documents come out crisp and clear.


Compact and Portable.

A collapsible design allows you to adjust the document camera position for the perfect angle. And with its convenient carrying case, the Flexicam is easy to take with you wherever you go.


Powerful Capabilities.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS operating systems, the Flexicam document camera and web cam is easy to use with any computer. It’s also compatible with popular video conferencing and presentation software; including Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.

Includes AMBIR Capture Software

AMBIR Capture delivers advanced capture features that allow you seamlessly capture HD image files, multi-page PDFs, and even video content in live-action, stop-motion, or time-lapse.