Quickly Capture E-Signatures with Ambir nSign Solutions

Our Ambir nSign solutions are designed to optimize your authorization process by digitally collecting signatures for contracts and forms. Save time and resources while lowering your overall transaction cost compared to a paper system by choosing Ambir signature pads.

Each signature has its own personality. The Ambir nSign series captures every nuance with pressure-sensitive “Natural Capture” technology.

Easier than ink

A four-inch screen means it’s easy to fit even the longest signatures. The stylus is sculpted to carefully fit the hand of the signer, and the device’s compact size allows it to fit on virtually any desk or in any travel bag. And a backlight ensures that even in low light, it’s effortless to use.


Ambir has you covered with U.S.-based Support

When you buy Ambir, you get more than just a great scanner. It comes bundled with a two-year warranty that includes limited parts & labor coverage and comprehensive U.S.-based phone & online chat support.